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    Black Bros. Inc.

    Company Introduction

    Founded in 1882 in Lanark, Scotland, Black Bros. Co. is now in its fifth generation of family ownership; our company has evolved into a world-class designer and manufacturer of coil coating and laminating machinery. Black Bros. Associates have delivered over 25,000 machines to our valued customers, which has earned us an international reputation for innovative engineering, quality manufacturing and dedicated support. We supply individual coating or laminating machines, as well as complete systems for a variety of markets throughout the world. We are ever mindful that our customers are the reason for our success and longevity. Utmost in our priorities are honesty, fairness, and a quality product, along with exceptional customer service. Our machines are known for their high productivity and extreme durability. Today, Black Bros. continues to provide manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality coating machines, gluing equipment and laminating machines. Whether you are interested in single machines or complete systems, Black Bros. has the experience and technology to build outstan...
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    Product Showcase
    Basic Profile
    Region United States
    Business Type Manufacturer,
    Main Products Presses,Spreaders&Roll Coaters,Coil Coating,Material Handling,Machine Inventory,
    Contact Detail
    Company Black Bros. Inc.
    Contacts sales
    Country/Region United States
    Address 501 9th Ave Mendota, Illinois 61342,USA
    TEL +1 800-252-2568
    Web Site